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Tub Repair

Tub & Tile Magic are leaders in quality bathtub restoration. From a scratched steel bath to an unsightly chip in the acrylic, our company does tub repairs big and small. With us, you can count on a fresh-looking, sturdy tub to last you many more years to come.

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Comprehensive Bathtub Repair Services

Tubs can be damaged in all sorts of ways. Sometimes decades of wear and tear simply takes its toll on a product. Whatever the problem, our repair team has a solution.

Our technicians have fixed every shape and size of bathtub out there! Some of the tubs we're familiar with repairing are:

  • Steel Tubs
  • Fiberglass Tubs
  • Acrylic Tubs
  • Marble Tubs
  • ...and more!

Minor to Extensive Bathtub Repairs

Our professionals are masterful in delicate repair work. For minor repairs, we'll use premium waterproof resins to fill cracks, chips, and holes. Then, we'll sand just enough for a perfectly smooth surface. Finally, we'll apply our top-of-the-line coating products with an artistic touch. When we're finished, you might not even remember where the imperfection was.

Deeper gouges and damage are still no match for our skilled technicians. We'll use a superior mixture of epoxy and hardener to fill these holes. Rest assured, our products dry to an impeccable and durable finish, every time.

Premium Bathtub Repair Products

All our products are time-tested and proven for long-lasting results. We use only premium adhesives, fillers, and coatings, specially chosen by our technicians to suit the material of your tub. Our tools are also top-quality, giving us added precision to delicate jobs. Our state-of-the-art materials, combined with our accomplished repair techniques, make light work of restoration projects big and small.

Bathtub Refinishing

Occasionally, when the damage is extensive and doesn't have a straightforward fix, our technicians may recommend a tub refinishing job. Rather than doing widespread repairs or replacing your tub, a tub refinish is a cost-effective option to give your bathtub a second life. We'll strip away the old surface and lay down a brand new one. We can revamp the look and function of even the oldest, rustiest units.

Affordable Bathtub Restoration

We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible. That's why we give quotes on a project-by-project basis. We'll only charge you for the services rendered, and not a penny more. Discover for yourself the cost-saving choice of hiring Tub & Tile Magic—get your free quote today!

Tub Restoration with Personalized Service

A tub repair is more than meets the eye. We go above and beyond to add value to our clients' experience. We'll work tirelessly to match your current tub colour, making our repair work virtually invisible. What's more, from start to finish we'll treat your home with the utmost respect, leaving it in the same clean condition as when we arrived.